Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stunning Peyote Beaded Cuff in Southwest colors


This newest creation of mine was done from a pattern I found from the fantastic beader at The Bead Coop. If you have not had the opportunity to see her patterns click on the link below after seeing my finished piece here.
This piece in blues, turquoise, white, bronze and. chocolate beads in a terrific pattern. The piece measure approximately 7″ long and approximately 2″ wide with a attractive button closure
The bracelet can be custom made in a variety of colors. A perfect example would be your bridal attendant gift. Coordinate your colors or choose the attendants favorite colors. There are endless possibilities. 

 Please contact me for more information.
Provide your wrist measurement and whether you prefer a loose or tight fit.
I make every single piece of jewelry of mine with special care and love and I hope you like them!
I’m sure you will feel special when you wear any of them! Enjoy!

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