Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Peyote Beadwork Cuff - Accented with Turquoise Stones - Native American Inspired

All the turquoise used in my peyote beaded cuffs I get from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Arizona. The color of this piece is called topaz. But as you can see in the photos it has a shimmer essence to it. Quite a compliment to the turquoise stones.

This peyote beaded bracelet is not an original design of mine. I do design many pieces, however, this piece I replicated from a North American Indian museum piece. While visiting a museum in Northern California I saw this particular belt. I believe they said the piece on exhibit was over 200 years old. I sketched the design, brought the idea home and replicated it from my drawing. I added some accents to enhance the beads.

Transform your jeans and tee shirt to a statement outfit

Sizing..............this piece measures 7" by 1"

Finished off with a simple silver plated finish closure to compliment the bracelet

For custom items please provide your wrist measurement and whether you prefer a loose or tight fit.


I make every single piece of jewelry of mine with special care and love and I hope you like them! I use only the finest material. I do all the beadwork by hand with a needle and 6 pound test fishing line. The strength of the fishing line gives the piece strength and body.

All items will arrive in a gift box.

I'm sure you will feel special when you wear any of my items. Enjoy!

Colors of items may be slightly different from how they appear on your screen. We strive to photograph colors to be exact as possible.

***Discounts given for multiple pieces ordered

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