Monday, May 18, 2015

Peyote Beaded Southwest Design Handmade Beaded Bracelet

Another 15th Century Hopi Indian design. Reproduced in a beautiful gunmetal black, silver toned and a striking turquoise Delica beads.

Sizing..............this piece measures 7 1/4" by 1" Finished with a gunmetal toggle closure.

For custom items please provide your wrist measurement and whether you prefer a loose or tight fit.


I make every single piece of jewelry of mine with special care and love and I hope you like them! I use only the finest material. I do all the beadwork by hand with a needle and 6 pound test fishing line. The strength of the fishing line gives the piece strength and body.

All items will arrive in a gift box.

I'm sure you will feel special when you wear any of my items. Enjoy!

Colors of items may be slightly different from how they appear on your screen. We strive to photograph colors to be exact as possible.

***Discounts given for multiple pieces ordered

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